for fellow dog photographers

I have started to get into videography more than 12 years ago and over time, it has become more and more of a passion. I am beyond grateful to have captured my adventures, experiences and the development of my dogs in motion pictures and to now be able to create such memories for other dogs’ owners as well.

Throughout the years, I’ve been able to improve and expand my knowledge through learning-by-doing, several internships and simply trying around, and am super happy to now give a lot of this knowledge to you.

The following video training is the perfect guide for you if you’re a dog photographer wanting to also include videos in your client shoots.

The class is split into three parts: theory, shooting and editing.
The theoretical part contains information about what gear I use, how to set up your camera, how to achieve the beautiful slow-motion effect that we’re all going for and ideas on what to record.

In the shooting part, I’m taking you out on an actual shoot with me. You see me work, I provide valuable tips on what to keep in mind while filming, how to stabilize your camera best, how to keep the dog in focus and how I film the seamless transitions that my videos are known for.

In the editing part, I show you from beginning to end how I edited the video I filmed in the shooting part. While working with an individualized PremierePro folder structure that I provided for you, I guide you through my complete workflow of selecting footage I want to use, looking for a song that matches my clips, cutting my clips according to the song’s beats, adjusting their framing and stabilizing everything. A big part of it also contains all my secrets to creating transitions, beautiful slow-motion effects and speed ramps. Furthermore, I quickly go into the basics of colorgrading and sounddesign.

You can either purchase the theoretical + shooting part together or get the full class.



Videography Class

~20min video training



~120min video training


The video training is available for you to download on Google-Drive, meaning that you have lifelong access and can watch the parts as often as you wish.
Passing the videos or knowledge to other people is forbidden.


Feel free to contact me via the following contact form or via Instagram to purchase the coaching. Let me know if you want to buy the smaller or the full package. Ideally, you’ll send me your invoice address immediately, so I can send you the invoice and after the payment, the coaching access as quickly as possible 🙂

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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