VIDEOGRAPHY Coaching - MY Workflow

Throughout the past 9 years, videography has become my big passion and I am beyond happy to finally be able to share my knowledge with you.
In this coaching, I show and explain you my entire workflow from the basics of filming to editing and getting the video ready to be published.

The ~170-minute-long coaching is divided into six parts that can either be purchased individually, in different combinations or as a whole.

Furthermore, it contains a set of different presets, templates, sound effects and a script that simplifies your start into the world of videography.

Full package: ~170min Videotraining + Individual Session (30-90min)
Price for Full Package in one: 790€
Videotrainings without individual session: 695€
or single purchase

The perfect result will of course be reached by purchasing all parts of the coaching. If you book all in one, you save 30€.

If you have already worked with Premiere or are for example not interested in sounddesign or colorgrading, if you’re only interested in the filming process and not in post production, you can book your individual package. Other parts can of course still be purchased afterwards.

The video trainings are available for you to download on Google-Drive, meaning that you have lifelong access and can watch the parts as often as you wish.
Passing the videos or knowledge to other people is forbidden.


Feel free to contact me via the following contact form or via Instagram. Just let me know what parts you would like to purchase. You can of course ask me for suggestions as well.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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